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  Shandong Linghua Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in March 2011. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linghua Group Limited. The business scope includes: organic fertilizer production, green organic grain, vegetables, fruits, flowers and aquatic crops, storage and transportation of agricultural products, new crop varieties and new technology research and development, agricultural technical services, maintenance and leasing of agricultural machinery, agricultural science and technology project investments. The company owns Wenshang, Liangshan, Central District, and Chenzhuang four farms. Linghua Agriculture has established over 50,000 mu (one mu equals 667㎡) of modern agricultural demonstration base. Rice and flour have got green food certification. The overall plan is to construct one million mu of eco-agriculture Park which is designed to be a modern agricultural demonstration zone integrated with planting, breeding, processing and sightseeing.

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