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Build three modern agricultural security systems based on agricultural products quality traceability platform

      ①Standardization of agricultural production systems. Self-owned farm management strictly enforce the “Green Organic Agricultural Standardization of Production Technology Regulations”, contract farming implements "unified varieties, unified plant protection, unified fertilization, unified purchasing and storage, unified processing" five unified standardized production system;

      ② modern agricultural research system. Recruited more than 20 agricultural graduates , postgrasuates and doctors , hired domestic agriculture and related fields, more than 30 experts, professors, technical personnel, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University and other colleges and institutes build a research base, accelerate agricultural demonstration base construction, and vigorously promote the introduction of our new agricultural varieties, new technologies, new models, new machinery, the introduction of high-gluten wheat, high-quality rice, high-yielding corn, high-quality new varieties of lotus root, the promotion of formula fertilization, straw, precision sowing yield, biological and other new technologies, creating a large area of ??water and fertilizer fertigation integration model, the promotion of full mechanization of rice production, and promote scientific and technological achievements in agriculture

Experts observe insect pests of rice

      ③ Whole process quality traceability system.Through the implementation of the base self-examination, company monitoring, sampling three level management realize "source control, process traceability, quality assurance". Linghua sets up agricultural products traceability system with tags for clues, agricultural production information as basis, check system as bridge to ensure the realization whole process of monitoring "from farm to table", seamless coverage, and build a communication platform and add trust between enterprise and consumers.

Rapid Detection of Pesticide Residues Equipment
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