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  Jining Ling Li Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Shandong Linghua MSG Co., Ltd. and Tianli Co., Ltd of Japan in September 2002. The registered capital is 41.35 million Yuan; the total contract investment is 350 million Yuan. Main business scope include: starch, glutamic acid, seasoning series, healthy edible oil. It was renamed Jining Ling Ao Biotechnology Co., Ltd in 2007.

    An annual output of 210,000 tons of starch project adopts the international advanced closed loop, wasted heat and pressure utilization. With domestic equipment and 1/3 foreign investment, Ling Ao achieved leading production technology indicators. Corn comprehensive utilization rate has reached 99.9%, 2-3% higher than the industry average. At the same time, the production realized water-saving, energy-saving and zero emissions. The water used in production is secondary water and steam consumption is far below the industry average. The company has formed an annual corn processing of 30 million tons, sales income of 600 million Yuan, profits and taxes 80 million Yuan capabilities.

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