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      Currently, the organic agricultural development size is small, accounting for only 0.1% of the total output of staple agricultural products. The products of varying quality, organic products can not meet people's needs. Only mass production can avoid output gaps and the quality defects. Linghua Group gathers land together by land transfer and order to achieve long-term large-scale cultivation; migrate the concept of industrial production to agricultural production and achieve "industrial agriculture" and realize production costs and quality control in the whole process.

      Shandong Linghua Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd develops modern agricultural following the guidance of "co-operative, scale operation, specialization, market-oriented", adheres to three principles of "high-end planning, competitive prices, to help the people", adopts land transfer, orders, co-operative, family farms and other models, has completed an investment of 128 million Yuan, constructed four farms, developed 50,000 mu modern agriculture. Linghua mainly plants high-gluten wheat, high-quality rice, high-yield corn, high-quality lotus root, green vegetables. We have formed intensive, large-scaled, standardized modern agricultural production and operation mode, 100% coverage of fine varieties, agricultural mechanization level reaches 95%.

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