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      Ten Billion Eco-Industrial Park : Complete invest 4.4 billion Yuan, an annual output of 350,000 tons condiments, 200,000 tons of amino acid products, 250,000 tons of green organic food, one million tons of plant nutrient solution of amino acids, protein feed 400,000 tons, 74MV of residual heat and pressure generation, sales revenue 10.9 billion Yuan, profits of 1.6 billion Yuan ability to become the country's largest amino acid bio-engineering, eco-industrial park, national recycling economy demonstration park.

      One million mu (66700 hectares) of eco-agriculture park, we plan to invest 2.4 billion Yuan to build one million mu (66700 hectares) of ecological agriculture planting, breeding, processing and eco-tourism park, the formation of planting one million tons of grain and vegetables, aquaculture 1.2 million (only), processing one million tons of bio-feed, one million tons grain and vegetables, 20,000 tons of animal products, eco-tourism 2.5 acres of scale, sales revenue 9.03 billion Yuan, profits of 1.51 billion Yuan ability to become "plant, breed, process, sightseeing" integrated development modern agricultural demonstration zone.

      Thirty billion safe food trade and logistics industry park: we plan to invest 2 billion Yuan to build three million tons of safe food distribution logistics center and e-commerce platform, build a safe food distribution channel, sell Linghua safe green food and Jining famous special food all over the country and around the world.

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