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      10 billion eco-industrial park construction progressing smoothly

      Overall planning, step by step implementation. Linghua bio- tech Park adopts starch non-waste technology, high-quality high-yielding strains of acid, new fermentation process, fermentation broth enrichment, continuous isoelectric, MSG crystal transformation process, large fermentation equipment, industry's most advanced technology bio on-line detection. With large-scale equipment and automation operation, productivity has been greatly improved. Fermentation and other technical indicators of production achieve industry -leading level. Costs of MSG per ton decreases by 25 %, the product quality has been greatly improved. An investment of 1.7 billion Yuan has been completed on the first and second phases. The first phase of the project has been put into production, the annual sales income increases 3.0 billion, profits and taxes are 350 million Yuan. Thailand Chia Tai joint investment of one billion Yuan of 10 tons of lysine Project can take test run.

       One million mu of green organic agriculture develops steadily

      1、 Development of modern agricultural promotes the "three rural " problem solving. Linghua Group adheres to the "high-end planning, high quality and competitive prices, to help the people" the three principles of agricultural development, adopts the mode of land transfer, contract farming, cooperative ventures, family farms etc, completed an investment of 128 million Yuan, constructed four farms, developed 50,000 mu of modern agriculture. Linghua biological fertilizer has been successfully applied; it features "to promote crop growth, increase yield and quality of agricultural products, effectively improve soil, degradation of pesticide residues, to prevent non-point source pollution".

      2、 Linghua Group emphasizes on building three systems of modern agriculture: the establishment of standardized production system, in accordance with the "green organic agricultural standardization of production technology regulation", supplying the same seeds of high quality and fertilizers, managing plant protection, supervision, harvest and storage at the same standard; establishment of agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation system, purchase high-gluten wheat, high-quality rice, high-yielding corn, lotus root and other high-quality new varieties of crops, the promotion of high-yielding seeding, fertilization, returning straw into land, agronomic water-saving and other agricultural new technology, using the integrated water and fertilizer, raising rice seedlings , Transplanting, biological and other planting new models; Establish whole process of quality traceability system, so that the quality can be traced, whereabouts can be found, can be held responsible.

      3、 Linghua group of modern agriculture has made high-quality, high yield, high efficiency, low cost " three high and one low" breakthrough to overcome the traditional green organic agriculture defect of low production and high cost. Tested by Authority, agricultural products quality have reached the standard of green food, flour, rice have been identified as green food ; gluten of Linghua wheat flour is 34.6% -35.9%, amino acid 12.97%, Linghua rice amino acid content of 8.3% , far more than conventional agricultural products, security, high nutritional value. Experts measure production on-site, a variety of crops were significantly increased yield, yield increased more than 14%. Compared with the traditional cropping patterns, agricultural production cost is reduced 300 Yuan per mu(667㎡).

      4、 Linghua Group adheres to help people, to ensure that farmers continue to increase their income: in land transfer, land transfer fee is 400-500 kg wheat per mu at market price discounted, National Agricultural subsidies is still owned by all farmers. Farmers can work as farm workers or seasonal farmers. Farmers' land net income and wage income achieves a doubling. In contract farming and co-operation, "company + base + farmers", "company + cooperation organization + farmers" and other models are adopted. Agricultural products are purchased at a price10% higher than the market, stable relationship between buying and selling enables farmers to achieve an income increase of 400-500yuan per mu.

      Commercial Development

      Linghua Group insists on high- quality, high-end service, high-end price of the " three high" business philosophy, relying on industrial and agricultural recycling economy, establish a quality traceability platform, the food safety guarantee system, the first enterprise to achieve product quality control in the whole process in the industry; focus on the development of modern logistics, e-commerce, stress on developing safe, green, organic food market, and continuously improve the brand value and high-end market share, to achieve maximum brand and market benefit

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